Milwaukee Road Caboose #992195

105 Park Ave., Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Steel caboose built for the CMSt.P&P (The Milwaukee Road) on display as part of the Dodge County Historical Society Museum.


Photo taken by J.R. Manning




The Story of Our Milwaukee Road Caboose

This caboose (Serial # 992195) is number eighty one out of a hundred ordered by the Milwaukee Road in 1956 from the Thrall Car Manufacturing Co. in Chicago Heights, Illinois. The Milwaukee Road has always built their own steel cabooses known as "Rib Sides" prior to this time.

This restored caboose proposal was started by a group of men from the Beaver Dam area who were members of the Beaver Dam Train Club and the Model Train Club of Beaver Dam. A presentation was made to the City of Beaver Dam outlining a plan for fund-raising, purchase, restoration and ownership of a Milwaukee Road caboose. The Milwaukee Road had been the provider of rail service to the Beaver Dam community starting in the 1800s. The city agreed to the plan and fundraising began in 2003. The caboose was purchased and restoration continued until completion in the summer of 2007. An orange paint scheme was the original color of the Milwaukee Road.

This caboose, serial # 992195, was in service from November 1956 to 1982. The Milwaukee Road Railroad assets were sold in 1985 to the Soo Line Railroad bringing an end to the great history of the Milwaukee road.

The Caboose Restoration Committee, 2007

--Taken from a statement attached to the caboose.

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