Bay Beach Amusement Park

1313 Bay Beach Road Green Bay, Wisconsin

Amusement Park along the shore of Green Bay



Photo taken by J.R. Manning




The park began as a private enterprise in 1892 and continued as a private operation until 1920 when the land was donated to the City of Green Bay. The city leased the park to a private operator until 1950, and the city has been running the park ever since.

It features 45 acres of parkland with 16 rides, 7 shelters, a dance hall, rest rooms, picnic areas, playground, softball and volleyball areas.

The rides include a Theel Classic All-Metal carousel from the 1960s and a Miniature Train Company railroad.

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Bay Beach Amusement Park
Posted October 8, 2016, by J.R. Manning (enpro [at] sbcglobal [dot] net)

Thank you for the video! I've taken the liberty of including it on the tag for Miniature Train Company listings. You can see the video by clicking on the tag "Miniature Train Company" under the "Tags" listing above.

Bay Beach Amusement Park
Posted October 7, 2016, by Massey Jones (mfjones [at] shaw [dot] ca)

See my 8-minute presentation at

The video is technical in nature and intended mostly for miniature train lovers.

There is nothing in the video but the G-16 train in action and its running through Bowness Park in Calgary, Canada, about 8 miles from the downtown core.

(Hint: Calgary is sometimes known as "Dallas North" and for US visitors, has full consular facilities and it is one of Canada's major cities with 1.5 million population).