New Washington Normal School

Also known as: Masonic Hall, New Washington Theatre, Masonic Theatre, A step back
409 E. Main St. New Washington, Indiana

School built in 1894


Photo taken by J.P. in September 2014



Street View 


The building was a school from 1894 to1926. The grade school was on the first floor and the high school was on the second and third floor.

The Masons paid for the third floor so they may use it as their hall. When the school closed the Masons took over the building.

From 1928 through 1951 the first floor was a movie theatre. The floor was removed and raised and when the building was restored, it had to be replaced. To create the theatre, a small west addition was added. When the theatre opened, the windows of the building were boarded over which preserved them. When the theatre closed, the door was closed and the room has remained the same since with all its contents intact.

The Masons met in the second story and the third floor was vacant. The kitchen addition was added in 1954. The Masons stayed in the building until 2001 when it sold to the Maxwells.

The Maxwells restored the building and used it as a museum, antique store, dinner theatre, rental hall and a restaurant. At the time of surveying the school is being as a rental hall and is currently for sale.

The bell tower still has the original bell.

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