Milwaukee Road Caboose #991943

Beadle Park, 2nd Avenue SW at 2nd Street SW

Milwaukee Road "Rib" Caboose built in the Milwaukee Road shops in 1944



Photo taken by J.R. Manning in October 2012



Street View 


This caboose brings of the rear of Cresco's heritage train, on display in Beadle Park. The Milwaukee Road shops built 315 of these "rib-sided" design cabooses between 1939 and 1951. The rib design provides extra support, allowing the use of lighter steel to make the vehicle lighter.

Caboose 991943 was acquired during a bankruptcy auction of Milwaukee Road assets in 1984 and was brought to Cresco by truck along with the adjacent flat car. The FP-7 locomotive and box car were brought to Cresco on abandoned tracks before the rails were lifted, the caboose and flatcar were acquired after the rails had been removed.

This is one of 22 Milwaukee Road caboose known to be stuffed and mounted in Iowa. (One of the 22 is not a Milwaukee Road caboose but is painted in Milwaukee Road livery.)

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