Hampton & Branchville 4-6-0 #44

Historic South Carolina steam engine on public display at South Carolina Railroad Museum


Hampton & Branchville 4-6-0 #44

Photo taken by Joseph Hinson

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Steam locomotive #44 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pa. in January 1927. It was built for the Hampton & Branchville Railroad, at the time, a logging railroad at Hampton (Miley), SC. Retired 1959, it was sold to the Charleston SC Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in June, 1969. It was used by the Charleston chapter in the 1970 NRHS national convention held in Charleston along with Southern Railway steam locomotives #4501, #630, #722 and #1 2-4-2 “One Spot” privately owned by Cole and Marion Walters. After the convention, it was said to be used in and around the Southern Railway freight yard in Charleston. Ownership was transferred over to the South Carolina Railroad Museum on June 10, 1991.

Since being sent to South Carolina eighty five years ago, the #44 never left the Palmetto State until 2012 where she was trucked up to Chadbourne, NC for an episode of the NBC series "Revolution." The train was actually powered byanother engine, but the magic of TV made it appear that the #44 (numbered #47 for the episode) wass running under steam power.

Specifications are: Wheel arrangement: 4-6-0 ten wheeler Builder’s number: 59751 Boiler pressure: 180 psi Cylinders: diameter – 19”; stroke – 26” Driving wheel diameter: 51” Length of engine and tender: 56’ 7 ¼ “ Tender capacity: 5,000 gallons of water and 8 tons of coal

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