Colorado National Bank Building

918 17th Street


Photo taken by Outspoken1 in September 2010




"The Colorado National Bank is listed on the National Register for its local significance between 1915 and 1964 in the area of Commerce and Community Planning and Development for its embodiment of the Colorado National Bank’s leadership role in the renaissance of downtown Denver during the post-World War II years. The Colorado National Bank Building is further listed in the area of Art for the significance of the 1921-1925 Indian Memories cycle of architectural murals in the main banking hall by renowned artist Allen Tupper True." (from )

"The lower half of the Colorado National Bank building was built in 1915 in a neoclassical design featuring marble from the Colorado Yule Marble Company. The upper half of the building was added as an addition in 1926 with a slightly more modern interpretation of the neoclassical base." (from

This is one of my favorite buildings in downtown Denver, but it has been vacant for many, many years. It was recently cleaned and minor repairs completed since it is now a NRHP. The building is currently undergoing renovations . There are two Allen Tupper True murals ( ) inside that I would like to get a photograph of... Oh well.

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