Canfield Hotel

Also known as: The Paris
36 W 4th Street, Dubuque, Iowa

Downtown Dubuque hotel, built in 1890, partially destroyed by fire in 1946 and still in operation



That's US 151/61 next to the hotel.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2012




The Hotel Canfield was built in 1890 and operated initially as the Paris House. It was expanded in 1927 using modern materials, allowing the owners to advertise the hotel as "fireproof."

In 1946, the original part of the hotel was destroyed by fire, only the "fireproof" part of the structure survived, which operates as the Canfield Hotel to this day.

A beautiful neon sign adorns the front of the building.


19th Century (38,102)
Building (4,482)
Built 1890 (948)
Built during 1890s (7,688)
Dubuque County, Iowa (71)
Hotel (2,897)
In operation (2,660)
Iowa (2,528)

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