Riverside Cemetery

South Elm Street, Anamosa, Iowa

Location of the Wood Family plot, burial site of Grant Wood



Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2012




Burial site of Grant Wood, one of America's most famous artists.

His best known painting, American Gothic, is probably America's most famous painting and is also one of the most parodied.

The house, known as the Dibble House is located in Eldon, Iowa. Wood thought the house represented a midwestern home, and decided to paint it. He also thought the painting should have people that represented midwestern values, that looked like they belonged with the house. The model for the woman was Wood's sister, the model for the man was Wood's dentist. The couple never sat together, nor did either pose in front of the house.

Wood entered the painting in a contest at the Art Institute of Chicago, where it won a bronze medal and a $300 prize. The Art Institute bought the painting from Wood and it remains in their collection today.


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