Bell, George and Annie, House

1008 Ohio Street

Limestone Building burned during Quantrill's raid of Lawrence, Ks.


George & Annie Bell House

Photo taken by iconions in February 2013



Street View 


From the National Register application:

"The Bell House in Lawrence is a one-and-a-haIf story rectangular stone building with a gable roof. The main facade is oriented toward Ohio Street on the west. Because the house is built into a steeply sloping hillside, the cellar door opens at ground level so from the east the facade appears to be two-and-half stories tall. Although the house has three functional levels, it is relatively small approximately 17.5 feet wide and 29 feet long. In spite of the unsympathetic addition of a room to the north and a large redwood deck to the east the house has retained its historic feeling and appearance. Current renovation plans call for the removal of the room and modification of the deck."

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