J.E. Stubbs Bldg.

1101-1103 Massachusetts

This is a two-story red brick building located at 1101-1103 Massachusetts.


J. E. Stubbs Bldg.

Photo taken by iconions in February 2013



Street View 


From the National Register application for Lawrence's Downtown Historic District: http://www.kshs.org/resource/national_register/nominationsNRDB/Douglas_LawrenceDowntownHistoricDistrictNR.pdf

"(1909) Contributing This is a large corner two-part commercial block building with Classical Revival stylistic features. The building is angled at the northeast corner. Its upper story is clad in hard-fired red brick. There are four windows on the second story of the east elevation. These are 12/1 double-hung, and have thin stone labels above and a simple stone sill. One window also has a Gibbs surround (jambs with protruding blocks and quoins) without the keystones. This window has two panes in the upper sash, while the lower sash has a stone panel carved with "J.E. Stubbs Building 1909." The window at the angled corner has a decorative surround of small stone and brick panels, giving the appearance of quoins or blocks. The north elevation has seven pairs of 9/1 double-hung windows, all sharing a thin stone label above and a stone still below. Above the windows is a very wide, overhanging metal cornice supported by brackets with imposts, with paired brackets at the building's corner. There is a corbelled band of bricks below forms dentils. A parapet roof above has regularly spaced short brick pilasters. The parapet at the angled corner of the building rises in a shallow pediment with a stone fleur-de-lis decoration. There are two storefronts on the east (Massachusetts) elevation, and one on the north (11th Street) elevation. The two storefronts on the east elevation share a flat projecting metal canopy, and a signboard formed by corrugated metal covering the transom area. The southern storefront (1103) has a recessed entry at the north end, with full height display windows which angle in to meet the door. The northern storefront has a recessed entry, and display windows on the north which have glazed tile block kickplates. There is another entry at the northeast angled entry, which has an aluminum framed door and display windows, also with glazed tile block kickplates. The first story of the north elevation has two small square windows with narrow stone sills and wide flat stone lintels. There are also three entry doors at the west end. The centered entry door has a full Classical Revival surround with engaged pilasters supported by a pediment above, and is addressed 105 W. 11th. Another door is found centered within the western storefront. It has a stone arched transom above supported by two brick columns, and is flanked by display windows. The display windows have Luxfor glass transoms, and the entire storefront is topped with a widely projecting cornice featuring two end brackets."


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Built 1909 (940)
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