Staunton Railroad Station

1 Middlebrook Avenue, Staunton, Va. 24401

Railroad station in Staunton, Va. sees new use..... and also old use, too!


Staunton Railroad Station

This is the historic railroad station at Staunton. It is now used as a meeting place for town functions. The Amtrak depot is off to the left out of frame.

Photo taken by Joseph Hinson

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-- The Staunton Station includes the 1902-era passenger station, the platform, an old freight station now home to the Old Grille Restaurant as well as the current Amtrak station inside an old telegraph tower on site.

-- The station that now stands in the center of this site dates back to 1902. It was designed by noted architect Thomas Jasper Collins in the Bungalow style. It was the third of three passenger stations built at this spot.

-- The first station was burned to the ground by Union Troops during the Civil War when Union Major-General David Hunter arrived in June of 1864 to cut the supply, communications, and railway lines. The rest of the town was spared.

-- A second station was built, but was destroyed by a runaway train in the 1890s.

-- From About 2004 to 2009, the old station was home to the Pullman Restaurant. It now sits mostly unused.

-- The current station facility is the former telegraph tower from when the Staunton Station functioned as a full passenger and freight railroad depot. While the platform still functions as the railroad platform for loading and unloading passengers, the former station buildings are now occupied by restaurants and shops.

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Staunton Railroad Station
Posted January 26, 2016, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Great station, but it is not located in Augusta County, VA. It is located in the Independent City of Staunton, which is not a part of Augusta County. Independent Cities are considered county equivalents by the Commonwealth of Virginia.