Colgate Clock

South Clark Blvd

The Third Largest Clock in America


Photo taken by J.P. in April 2013



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Built in 1906 for the Colgate factory in New Jersey, this one was shipped to Indiana in 1924 after they built a new bigger clock on the New Jersey Factory. The clock was recently put on Indiana's 10 most endangered landmarks after Colgate shut down operations at the Clarksville factory. The clock continues to operate and can be seen from the city of Louisville as it stands 40 feet high on top of the factory, the clock is the eighth biggest in the world


Building (4,281)
Built 1906 (892)
Built during 1900s (9,368)
Clark County, Indiana (55)
Clock (1)
Colgate (1)
Factory (181)
Have Street View (43,993)
In operation (2,196)
Indiana (2,068)

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