White Spot Restaurant

Also known as: Tom's Restaurant
601 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, Colorado


Photo taken by Outspoken1 in April 2013




"This building was built in 1967 and designed by Armet and Davis of Los Angeles in a Googie style. This was a White Spot coffee shop, one of a chain that closed in 2001. A Tom's Diner sign is visible in the photo, who have occupied the building since 1999." (from http://creatingcommunities.denverlibrary.org/contentdm/white-spot-restaurant )

"The ninth White Spot restaurant in Denver (a local coffee shop chain established in 1947) and a rare example of Googie style architecture opened at 601 East Colfax Avenue in 1967. The flamboyant design by architects Louis L. Armet and Eldon C. Davis of Los Angeles attracted the attention of passing motorist s. Armet and Davis, the best known of the California coffee shop architects, specialized in roofs "whose planes, angles, juttings, textures, and colors couldn't possibly coincide or blend with anything else around them." Section E, pg. 11

"For others, such as the Googie-style White Spot restaurant and Bastienís Restaurant, the overall design of the building was aimed at drawing customers." Section F, pg. 16

"A good example of this is the Googie style White Spot Restaurant (1967), with its distinctive roof planes, large plate glass windows, and contrasting materials. In addition, some buildings may possess marquees or freestanding signs featuring distinctive design and lighting (often neon) that further serve d to draw the eyes of travelers. " Section f, pg. 21 (from NRHP form - http://www.historycolorado.org/sites/default/files/files/OAHP/crforms_edumat/pdfs/653.pdf )

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