Toledo Stoplight

In the middle of the interesection of High and Broadway Streets, Toledo, Iowa

A quaint, middle-of-the-intersection traffic light



This is a very unusual sight to drive up upon if you aren't expecting it!

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in May 2013




This quaint,single stoplight in the centroid of the intersection of High Street and Broadway Street in Toledo, is a source of great civic pride. In fact, it is the subject of an annual celebration called the Toledo Stoplight Festival. The festival is held the second Friday of July each Summer.

Sitting and waiting for the light to change, it appears that the old mechanical switching system has been replaced with a more modern system. It's also evident that the old incandescent lights have been replaced with modern LED's.

While waiting for a red light here, it seems like the passing cars should have names Studebaker, Packard, Henry J, Nash, Hudson or DeSoto. It's certainly a throwback to postwar America, a delight to see in an area where time seems to have hit the pause button.


In operation (2,304)
Iowa (2,524)
Lost 1949 (2)
Lost during 1940s (6)
Sign (83)
Tama County, Iowa (25)

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