Iowa Windmill & Pump Company Office & Warehouse

Also known as: Mott Building
42 7th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Mott Building & Warehouse

View of both contributing buildings.

Photo taken by Dave King



Street View 


Now known for a later tenant, the structure was built in 1900 for the Iowa Windmill & Pump Company. County supervisors turned down a $575,000 offer for the building in April 2008. The building has been used for storage for the past several years. The county may also ask the city to vacate the alley near the Mott Building to preserve access to the structure, a potential candidate for purchase and rehabilitation for residential or commercial use.


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Iowa Windmill & Pump Company Office & Warehouse
Posted November 29, 2014, by Jerry McCalmant (quaddaddyo24 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

My father worked in that building for many years and you data is incorrect. It was built for Flint and Walling Mfg. Company.This company was headquartered in Kendallville, In.

Dad has a catalog from that company he found while working there. At one time the made electric cars in that building the owners of Newport Florists had one at one time. On the third floor on the south west wall there was a record of temps. and snowfall for many many years. Just thought I would add some info for you.

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