Cedar Rapids Pump Company Factory & Warehouse

605 G Avenue NW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


CR Pump Co.

Photo taken by Dave King



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The Cedar Rapids Pump Company, which was established in 1881, erected a foundry adjacent to the Chicago and North Western Railroad corridor in west Cedar Rapids in 1884 and was officially incorporated in 1885. During the ensuring years the company contributed significantly to the industrial success of the city, becoming one of the three manufacturers of pumps that together placed Cedar Rapids at the forefront of production of that particular device. In 1900 the warehouse was constructed on the plant grounds. The company history reflects the transitions in industry that came with changing technology and market trends, shifting from the manufacture of wood pumps to the manufacture of iron pumps and other metal fittings, then, under the name of the Cedar Rapids Pump and Supply Company, to the jobbing of various plumbing fixtures.

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