Nathan Brown Memorial Site

Springville Cemetery; Springville, Iowa

American Revolutionary War Veteran Monument & Gravesite


Nathan Brown Memorial Site

View of the entire site. Monument and gravesite

Photo taken by Dave King




Monument to Nathan Brown. Gravesite of Nathan Brown, Tamar Brown, Horace N. Brown & H.N.Browns wife Julia A.

Nathan Brown is only one of two people buried in Linn County that fought in the American Revolutionary War.

Brown was born July 22, 1761, in White Plains, NY, and began practicing for the war at age 14. He enlisted at age 16 and was one of seven boys in his family who served with an uncle. He was wounded in battle but not seriously. And, following the war, he lived in Pennsylvania and Illinois before arriving in Iowa in 1839. He died Nov. 25, 1842, at age 81. His grave is marked by the tallest monument in the Springville Cemetery.


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