Sokol Gymnasium

417 3rd Street SE Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Sokol Gymnasium

Photo taken by Dave King



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Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on May 14, 2013.

The Sokol Gymnasium is located in the central section of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on the east side of the Cedar River, which runs its winding course through the middle of the city. The building is located just a couple of blocks from the river and was among the architectural victims of the great flood of 2008, which inundated scores of blocks in the center of town. Currently undergoing the slow process of repair, the Sokol Gymnasium has long been a stable feature of the 3rd Street landscape and a vital part ofthe Czech community in Cedar Rapids. The building is locally significant under Criterion A because of its long and direct association with this important ethnic-based gymnastic and social organization, with roots deep in nineteenth century Europe. The Sokol Gymnasium is also locally significant under Criterion C as a well preserved example of a Classical Revival commercial building within the body of work by master architect, Charles A. Dieman. The gymnasium building's long association with the Sokol organization is the basis for the period of significance, which lasts from the building's construction in 1908 to 1962, or the arbitrary 50 year rule. The period of significance might be considered to advance as each year passes, for as long as the building's relationship with the Sokol organization remains unbroken.

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