Cherry Grove Mann Pioneer Cemetery

Also known as: Cherry Grove Cemetery
Cherry grove road, Mechanicsville, Iowa


Cherry Hill Pioneer Mann Cemetery

View from the entrance at Cherry Grove Road.

Photo taken by Dave King; Taken July 5, 2013




Mann history:

There were many more (related) Manns living in this area from 1837 on. My most direct ancestor, Jacob Mann, (who is not listed as buried in the cemetery, but must be buried somewhere in Linn or Jones Co.) was drowned in Big Creek (also called Linn Creek) during a storm in 1851. He was David Mann's brother.

Jacob was one of the very earliest settlers in the area (1836-1837). Some claim he was the first white settler in Linn Co. as that is where his claim was located, although a good part of his claim was over the border in Cherry Grove. The field where the cemetery lies is apparently on his original claim which he sold to his brother David in 1837 or 1838. David came after Jacob by one year.

There was also a John Mann who was related in some way. Possibly he was a brother or cousin. John came to Iowa in 1841 and he lived in Franklin Twp in Linn Co. He is buried in Lisbon. His daughter, Mary Mann Mann, was the second wife of Joshua Mann, son of David Mann.

Cherry Grove cemetary seems to have been used primarily by David Mann and his descendents. His son, Joshua, has many family members buried here. Three of Joshua and Mary's children are buried at Cherry Grove: Jesse Mann, Caty S. Mann, and Rachel C. Mann. Joshua's first wife, Rachel, and both of their children, Adam Mann and Mahala Mann Barto, are also buried in the cemetary. Joshua and Mary both predeceased Joshua's father. They died in Kansas in about 1869.


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