Iron Mountain Iron Mine and Museum

W4852 US Highway 2 Vulcan, MI

Historic iron mine, no longer in operation, open for tours


Big John

It's pretty hard to miss this place with Big John towering over the pines and highway.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2013




This retired iron mine is not on the NRHP but is on the State of Michigan roster of historic places. The tour takes you about 400 feet below ground into the two major areas, the Little Stope and Big Stope, that were mined between 1870 and 1945. 22,637,000 tons of iron were removed from the mine during its operation.

The Big Stope reached a depth of 1,827 feet. Today, it is a giant, underground lake because once the mine closed, it filled with water.

Several pieces of mining equipment are displayed and a guided tour is open to the public. Tourists are assigned yellow slickers and a hard hat before embarking on a train ride into the mine. It is cold in the mine, if you take the tour, dress accordingly.

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