Devils Island Light Station

North End, Devils Island, Apostle Islands, Ashland County, Wisconsin

Steel Tower Lighthouse with External Bracing, keeper's quarters and other structures


Overview Looking West

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2013




A free standing steel tower built on a concrete foundation. The external bracing was added in 1914 after keepers lodged complaints that high winds caused the tower to sway enough to extinguish the light.

A third order Fresnel lens projects the red beam 14 miles to sea.

A steam operated fog signal was replaced with a compressed air diaphone in 1925, along with a radio signal. Mariners calculated the difference between the radio signal and the audible signal to determine distance from the island.

The Devils Island light station was the last manned light on the Apostle Islands, as the other lights were automated. The light was automated in 1978, ending over 100 years of Coast Guard light service on the Apostle Islands.

Today, during the summer, volunteer light keepers man the station for those hardy enough to make the trip from Bayfield to the island. Tours are available in the morning and afternoon, check with the NPS before making plans.

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