Rylander Theater

310 West Lamar Street, Americus, GA 31709


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Georgia (3,070)
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Sumter County, Georgia (24)
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  • October 8, 2013: Added by Bill Eichelberger



Rylander Theater
Posted December 15, 2014, by Bill Eichelberger

If you find any others, feel free to make the correction. I occasionally get into a zone and get movin' and groovin', then realize I'm on the wrong track. I should be medicated, or at the very least require a sitter.

Rylander Theater
Posted December 10, 2014, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Same here!

Rylander Theater
Posted November 9, 2014, by Bill Eichelberger

Quite possible. I'm not above making an error or ten.

Georgia Theatre
Posted November 6, 2014, by Michael Miller


I 99.9% sure you put this in the wrong county! Athens is in Clark County, not Sumter. I'm sure it was just an accidental mouse click. It's happened to me before. In fact, I was surprised that this very well known theater hadn't been added to Clark County. This is what I'm going to do: The Rylander Theater in Americus, GA/Sumter County hasn't been added, so I'm going to edit this theater and change everything to fit the Rylander so I don't have to add the Rylander and have someone delete this one.