Katherine Hall

Also known as: The Y, Ware Shoals City Hall
Mill Street & S. Greenwood Avenue, Ware Shoals, SC

Historic recreation & entertainment building in Ware Shoals, SC


Katherine Hall

Photo taken by Michael Miller


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Built in 1913 by the founder of Riegel Mill, Benjamin DeWitt Riegel in honor of his daughter Katherine as a recreation and entertainment center for the community that developed around the Riegel Textile Mill at Ware Shoals. After the community incorporated in 1967, Katherine Hall housed the town offices till its relocation to Riegel Mill's “Company Store” located directly adjacent on Mill Street. Katherine Hall, or, “The Y” as it has always been known by the locals who grew up in Ware Shoals, occupied a central role in the everyday life of the community. The interior has been altered slightly to accommodate changing uses, but it remains structurally intact and could be restored.

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