Sassafras Mountain

F. Van Clayton Memorial Highway off of US 178, Pickens, SC

Highest Point in South Carolina


New Sassafras Mountain Monument

Photo taken by Michael Miller in May 2014




Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in the state of South Carolina. The point, which sits on the North Carolina/South Carolina State Line, is actually not even the highest point on the mountain. If you are standing on the "summit" of Sassafrass Mountain and take one step across the NC state line, you are actually higher in elevation. In fact, as you look into North Carolina, you can actually see numerous peaks that hundreds of feet higher in elevation. From the actual "summit", there are no really scenic views. There is, however, an overlook constructed next to the parking area that lower than the summit. A monument is in place on the high point and an observation tower is planned offering a view of South Carolina & North Carolina and on very clear days, Georgia & Tennessee.

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