Isaacson, Philip M. and Deborah N., House

2 Benson St., Lewiston, Maine


1960 International Style Issacson House; 2 Benson St., Lewiston, Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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Located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Lewiston, Maine the Philip M. and Deborah N. Isaacson House is often mistaken for a private tennis court or enclosed swimming pool. The facade of the home, elevated on a level terrace, presents to the street a wall of vertical redwood siding, broken only at the corners by elongated frosted-glass panels and in the middle by an open portal with a white wooden frame. This structure, one of two high walls surrounding front and rear courtyards, is both an integral part of the house and a method of providing privacy for the occupants of the glass-walled International Style House at the core. Designed in 1960 by the Cambridge-based architect F. Frederick Bruck, the Isaacson House is essentially unchanged since it’s completion, and retains an extraordinary integrity of design, materials, workmanship, location, association, setting and feeling. Within Maine, this is one of a very few International-style houses designed for year-round residency and possible the only example located in an urban residential neighborhood. In addition, is it the only known International Style court-yard house in the state at this time . The Isaacson House was listed in National Register of Historic Places at the local level for its architectural significance as a building that possesses the distinctive characteristics of a very modern house integrated into a traditional setting.

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