Lincoln School

8 Orchard Road, Acton, Maine




The Lincoln School is a one-story , one-room schoolhouse located in the southern portion of the York County town of Acton, Maine. Set in a rural, agricultural area at the intersection of two long-established roads, the school was erected in 1884 to serve the students of District #2, one of 14 districts that had been established in Acton in the nineteenth century. This small school survived the first decades of twentieth century consolidation and continued to educate students until 1957, when a multi-grade elementary school was constructed for the entire town. The Hancock Point School is eligible for nomination to the National Register at the local level of significance under Criterion A for its association with patterns of rural schooling in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Maine, and under Criterion C as a good example of a type of educational facility that was once common throughout the state. The period of significance commences with the construction of the school in 1884, and ends in 1957 when the last classes were held in the building.

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