Colonial Inn

Also known as: Colonial Hotel
145 Shore Rd., Ogunquit, Maine



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Criterion A: Entertainment and Recreation Criterion C: Architecture

The Colonial Inn is a small resort containing a variety of types of tourist accommodations constructed from the late 19th century through the first three quarters of the 20th century. The one and one-half acre property is located in the York County coastal town of Ogunquit and contains the Colonial Hotel (c. 1890), a turn-of-the century Shingle Style cottage, two motels (1961 and 1983), a swimming pool and maintenance shed. As a small historic district it has been listed in the National Register as a good example of the smaller-scale summer hotels that flourished in resort communities on the coast of Maine from the mid-nineteenth century until World War II. The complex also illustrates typical development pattern for nineteenth century summer hotels on the southern Maine coast. In the twentieth century, many Second Empire and Queen Anne style hotels grew into much larger “blockular” buildings with nearly flat roofs to accommodate the maximum number of guest rooms possible. Further illustrating the twentieth century evolution of types of seasonal accommodations, the property also includes a former Shingle-style guest cottage from c. 1900 and a ‘modern’ motel from 1961. Finally, the main hotel building is a rare survivor of a class of large, wooden hotels buildings that have been almost entirely lost to fire and demolition on the coast of Maine. Taken together the Colonial Inn presents a compact illustration of over a century of overnight accommodations for seasonal tourists.

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