Emery School

116 Hill St., Biddeford, Maine


1912 Emery School; 116 Hill St., Biddeford, Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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The former Emery School was listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its local significance in the areas of education and architecture. The Emery School was erected in 1912 as a “union” school, replacing four nearby public grammar schools that were consolidated into a single building. This was part of an effort to more efficiently educate a rapidly growing population of school age residents and as such, the property is important for its role in educating Biddeford’s children, providing public education to the community for roughly 80 years. Physically, the school represents early 20th century changes in educational practices resulting from legislated reforms to improve sanitary conditions, update curriculum, and operate schools more cost effectively. The school building also achieves significance as a good example of a type and period of construction, namely a ‘modern’ 20th century high school. An important architectural landmark for the town, it is also an excellent and intact example of early twentieth century Revival-style institutional design by the prominent Portland architectural firm of Miller & Mayo.

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