Barn on Lot 8, Range G

816 Foster Hill Rd., Freeman Township, Maine



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The ‘Barn on Lot 8, Range G’ is an English style barn modified in plan to provide for additional livestock, equipment and feed storage. Built circa 1825, the older part of this two-section barn exhibits a hewn timber frame, complex joinery fastened with pegs, and a traditional three-bay plan with center aisle. Before the end of the century a two-bent addition was erected on the west, gable-end wall. Constructed of scribe-ruled sawn timber, but utilizing similar joinery, the new section of the barn increased the footprint of the building from about 1500 to 2400 square feet. The placement of this addition created an unusual T- shaped set of aisles, and would enable future additions to be made in a manner similar to those utilized with New England style barns. This method of expanding an English Barn has not been commonly recognized in Maine, and differs from the three usual methods used in northern New England as identified in publications by architectural historians in the region. The Barn on Lot 8, Range G was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance in the area of architecture. This building derives its significance from the manner in which it illustrates a new variation on a method and period of construction associated with evolving agricultural practices in the nineteenth century.

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