Bates Mill Historic District

Roughly bounded by Canal St, Chestnut St, Lincoln St and Main St, Lewiston, Maine


1852-1920 Bates Mill, Lewiston Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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Criterion A: Industry, Community Planning and Development Criterion C: Architecture Local significance. The Bates Mill Historic District is a significant complex of industrial buildings dedicated to textile manufacturing within the city of Lewiston, Maine. The historic district contains the remaining 15 buildings, 11 structures, 1 object, and 2 sites associated with the Bates Mill, which first went into production in 1852. The historic district was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance in part for its industrial significance, as a property associated with the production of cotton and wool textiles, and specialty cloths for over a century. The district is also significant for the role it played as one of the first planned industrial facilities in a planned ‘company’ town, and later for providing employment to the French-Canadian immigrants who came to Lewiston specifically to work in the mills. As a collection of buildings that embody the distinctive characteristics of slow burning construction, and that reflects the evolution of industrial architecture over a seventy-five year period, the Bates Mill Historic District is also architectural significant. Of particular distinction is the Modernist style Mill #5, designed by architect Albert Kahn in 1912, which was built utilizing the innovative “Kahn Method” of reinforced concrete construction. The National Register listing recognizes the importance of this complex to Lewiston between 1850, when the construction of the canal to supply power to the mill was started, through 1960, when the physical development of the complex was complete and operations of the mills began to close down.

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