Whitesville School

Also known as: Sherman District Junior High School, Whitesville Junior High School, Whitesville Elementary School
37949 Coal River Rd., Whitesville, WV


Whitesville School


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The Whitesville School is an Art Deco, two-story, blonde brick building. With exception of any decorative brickwork and the stretcher bonding o f the smaller pilasters, brick is laid in a type o f common bond with seven rows of stretchers to one row of alternating headers and stretchers. The school sits on a raised basement that is covered in similar-color stucco and separated from the upper stories by a stone belt course. The main section of the building is rectangular in shape with a flat roof. The original two-story gymnasium/auditorium extends from the center of the rear elevation. A small, one-story addition has been constructed on the northern end of the building at the basement level. It is constructed of concrete block and has a flat roof. A stucco-covered elevator shaft also extends from this end of the building and rises from the basement to the second story. With the exception of a few on the rear extension of the school, all of the building's original metal casement windows and metal doors have been replaced.

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