Capon Chapel

Christian Church Road, South of Capon Bridge, WV

One of the 3 oldest church structures in the United States


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Photo taken by Justin A. Wilcox

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Capon Chapel and its cemetery are located one and a half miles south of Capon Bridge in Hampshire County in the U.S. state of West Virginia on Christian Church Road (West Virginia Secondary Route 13). Early settlers in the Cacapon River Valley congregated on this exact site for religious occasions and family burials beneath an ancient oak tree. The log structure chapel was then constructed in the 1750s, and remains intact beneath a layer of white painted boards that have constantly been maintained and refurbished over the past two hundred years. The structure is one of the three oldest church structures in the county. Capon Chapel's cemetery contains the graves of early Cacapon Valley settlers, slaves, and soldiers from both sides of the American Civil War. The earliest graves on the chapel grounds are from the late 18th century and are located in the chapel's lawn area, but their fieldstone markers have since been lost over the past two and a half centuries. Capon Chapel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in December 2012. - Wikipedia

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