Carter, Capt. Charles, House

37 Nequasset Rd., Woolwich, Maine


1810 Capt. Charles Carter House; 37 Nequasset Rd., Woolwich Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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Charles Carter, born c.1778 in Phippsburg, Maine, the only son of Joseph and Isabella Couillard Carter, was "bounded out" to to John Gilmore, of Nequasset, Woolwich, where he stayed until the age of 21. Given a cow and a new Linsey-Woolsy suit, Charles proceeded to buy land at Nequasset, Day's Ferry, and other parts of Woolwich. He married Lucy Curtis, the "Belle of Woolwich", and by 1815 they had six children. Capt. Carter sailed all over the world seeking his fortune.


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