First Methodist Episcopal Church

Also known as: Trinity Methodist Church
518 E. Houston St., Muskogee, Oklahoma


First Methodist Episcopal Church

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The First Methodist Episcopal Church/Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, built in 1911 at 518 E. Houston Street in Muskogee, Oklahoma, maintains sufficient integrity of setting, location, design, materials, workmanship, and association to be eligible for the National Register under Criterion C, Architecture. Sited in a residential neighborhood, the building incorporates most of the elements of Classical Revival style: a temple-front principal facade, a bay window, several typical window types, Classical decorative elements. An added feature is its huge assortment of stained-glass windows. Unique for its architectural detailing among its set of four non-domestic comparable properties in Muskogee, it is an excellent representation of the Classical Revival style in a small town. (NRHP Form)

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