Salem Methodist Church

Also known as: Cullasaja Community Club, Cullasaja Community Center
1201 River Road, Franklin, NC


Salem Methodist Church

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Constructed in 1875, the Salem Methodist Church is the third Methodist church erected on this site since 1830 and the second oldest extant church building in Macon County. It is also the oldest extant example of a Gothic Revival style church in Macon County. Salem Methodist Church meets Criterion C of the National Register of Historic Places as an intact local vernacular example of a Gothic Revival-style church from the last quarter of the nineteenth century as seen in the area around Cullasaja and in Macon County. The church also meets Criteria Consideration A as a property historically owned by a religious entity whose primary significance is in the area of architecture. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 8, 2013. - National Register Database

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