Cedar Rapids Central Fire Station

Also known as: Old Science Station
427 1st Street SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Old Fire Station/Science Station

Post 2008 Flood photo.

Photo taken by Dave King

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The Cedar Rapids Central Fire Station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is significant under Criterion A as the largest and most important historic component of the city's fire fighting efforts. For nearly 70 years it served as headquarters for the municipal department (1918-1985) and as the fire house in closest proximity to downtown commercial and warehouse districts and, nearby, the city's most important manufacturing sites. Straddling the era of horse-drawn pumper wagons and modern fire engines, pumpers, and hook and ladder trucks, the Central Fire Station was designed to help the city modernize its fire house facilities and upgrade its fire fighting equipment, enabling firefighters to respond faster and save more lives and property. Central Fire Station remains the building most closely associated with the historical development of the municipal fire department and firefighting during the Progressive Era. It was the centerpiece of an early twentieth century wave of fire station construction in this city, which occurred in response to disastrous fires, changing technologies, and the city's growth in both size and prominence. The period of significance runs from the building's placement into service in 1918 until the 1964, the moving 50-year rule of the National Register program.

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