The Kouns-Womack House

Also known as: The Archer Womack House, The John C. Kouns House
602 Water Front Street, Greenup, Kentucky

Victorian Greek Revival Style Home






The Kouns-Womack House is listed on the National Register of Historical Places (Gp-G-21) , as the oldest home in Greenup Kentucky's Historical Front Street District. The home is also known as The Archer Womack House, and as the John C. Kouns House. The home is named after John C. Kouns who was an officer with the First Kentucky Regiment under Andrew Jackson, and was General Jackson's escort at New Orleans during the War of 1812. Records show that John C. Kouns was granted a Tavern License for his residence located on Water Street, Greenup, Kentucky in 1822. The home was established as a private residence circa 1840. John C. Kouns sold the residence to Archer Womack circa 1860. Historical records show that the home located at 602 Front Street, formerly Water Street, and currently named Water Front Street, is the first residence of John C. Kouns. John C. Koun's second residence, located at 208 Jefferson Street, Greenup, Kentucky, is known as The Kouns-Hoffman House. The Kouns-Hoffman House has periodically been confused as John C. Koun's first residence, but records show that The Kouns-Hoffman House was the second home built by John C. Kouns circa 1859. The Kouns-Hoffman House is also listed on The National Register of Historical Places as Gp-G-5.

The Kouns-Womack House/Archer Womack House/John C. Kouns House is a one and one-half story brick residence with a central wall gable on the front facade. The central doorway is flanked on either side by a pair of windows. The door itself is framed by a transom and sidelights. Upstairs, there is a central three-part window. There are lintels above the windows. Alterations to the Kouns-Womack House since the mid-nineteenth century include the addition of two weatherboarded shed-roofed dormers flanking the front gable, a balustraded front porch, and the addition of weatherboarding to a portion of the east side facade, as well as a south wing consisting of a bedroom, bath and ensuite library. Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on January 27, 1988. Reference number : (Gp-G-21).

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