2650 Edgewood Road, Milbrook, Alabama




Ellerslie, the home of Georgian transplant Bolling Hall, is locally significant under Criterion A: Exploration/Settlement. After the War of 1812, settlers from the southern seaboard states, particularly Georgia, migrated into south Alabama along the Federal Road which ran from Milledgeville, Georgia through northern Montgomery County (which lies a few miles south of Ellerslie) and on to St. Stephens on the Tombigbee River. Ellerslie represents the early settlement patterns of well-to-do Georgian planters who established themselves on south central Alabama's frontier and developed large plantations. Ellerslie has statewide significance under Criterion C: Architecture as the only documented example of the four-cell Tidewater-type cottage in Alabama. The Tidewater-type cottage is most commonly found in Alabama's Tennessee River Valley, but is a rare building typology in the rest of the State. Ellerslie is a well-preserved example of this vernacular house type. The period of significance extends from c. 1818, the construction date of Ellerslie, to c. 1838. Most of the Native Americans had been removed from Alabama by the latter date and the early settlement period for the State was considered closed.


19th Century (37,764)
Alabama (1,825)
Built 1818 (113)
Built during 1810s (1,401)
Elmore County, Alabama (17)
House (27,633)

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