Evergreen Corner Rural Historic Landscape

Cr 30 & CR 17, Haxtun, CO


Evergreen Corner Rural Historic Landscape


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The Evergreen Corner Rural Historic Landscape District is significant for its association with the development agriculture in Phillips County from the farming boom of the 1910s through the agricultural changes of the mid-twentieth century. Though the land was originally homesteaded in 1887, it passed through a series of non-resident land owners for the next three decades until purchased by Henry Flaker in 1917. Flaker is responsible for establishing the farmstead as it appears today, constructing the house , barn , tankhouse, and outhouse. Flaker retired in 1946 and sold the farm to Lawrence Heermann. Heermann added the Quonset hut, expanded grain storage, and replaced Flaker's hog barn and pens with a cattle feed lot. The farm remains in the Heermann family and is currently operated by his son Lauren. Evergreen Corner is locally significant under Criterion A for agriculture for its association with the history of agriculture in Phillips County and locally significant under Criterion C for architecture as an excellent example of a Phillips County farmstead from the first half of the twentieth century. The white frame buildings clustered around a central farmyard are characteristic of early twentieth century Phillips County farms while the Quonset hut, metal bins, and corral are characteristic of mid twentieth century expansion.

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