Harrisburg School/ Ancient Landmark Masonic Lodge no. 356 A.F.&A.M.

140 S Harris Streer, Harrisburg MO


Harrisburg School/ Ancient Landmark Masonic Lodge no. 356 A.F.& A.M.


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The Harrisburg School and the Ancient Landmark Masonic Lodge no. 356 A. F.& A.M of Harrisburg, Boone County, Missouri is locally significant under National Register Criteria A in the areas of Education and Social History. The historical impact of the Harrisburg school/Masonic Lodge has been traced through written publications and pictures collected from long-time residents of the town of Harrisburg. It has been at the center of community events and played a major role in the educational and social development of Harrisburg for over one hundred and thirty years. The Masons were originally responsible for the construction of the building in 1878. For fifty-nine years, the old schoolhouse was where children who lived in Harrisburg and the surrounding area came in pursuit of public education. Like other rural schoolhouses, the Harrisburg School was central to community life. The period of significance for education begins when classes were taught from 1878 until 1937 when the students were moved to a new school. The period of significance for social history started in 1878, when the property was built and the Masons started using it, until 1963 where historic activities continued to have importance and no more specific date can be defined to end the historic period. The Masons used the second story of this property as a meeting space continuously until 2010 when they moved to the Lion's Club building. The Order of the Eastern Stars occasionally still meets in the building.

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