Central Elementary School

401 South 8th Street, Tacoma, Washington


Central Elementary School


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Central Elementary School (currently serving as the Central Administration Building for the Tacoma School District) in Tacoma, Washington, is historically significant under National Register Criteria A and C. The building is significant under Criterion A for its association with the broad planning and construction trends of the Tacoma School District, which impacted the entire city through its aggressive building campaigns and reflected national educational trends at the time. The building is also significant under Criterion C due to its association with Heath & Gove, a prolific Tacoma architectural firm, responsible for more than 600 projects in the region and the strong use of Collegiate Gothic Revival architecture in the original 1913 structure.


20th Century (29,078)
Brick (42,466)
Built 1913 (939)
Built during 1910s (8,904)
Gothic Revival (68)
Have Street View (49,838)
Heath & Gove (1)
In operation (2,655)
Pierce County, Washington (234)
School (5,251)
Washington (2,003)

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