Hill-Hilscher House

1638 S. Cedar Street, Spokane, Washington


Hill-Hilscher House


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"The Hiii-Hilsher House in Spokane, Washington is historically significant under Criteria -B- for its association with Spokane printing leaders Charles W. Hill and E. D. Hilscher. The property was originally built for socially prominent Spokane residents, Charles W. & Lulu Cornelia Hill. Charles was founder and president of the C. W. Hill Printing Company organized in 1908. The home was eventually purchased by their daughter, Edna and her husband, E. Durand Hilscher, who were resided in the home from 1920 to 1948. E. Durand Hilscher succeeded his father-in-law, as the president/general manager of the C. W. Hill Printing Company after C. W. Hill's death in 1937. During their combined tenures/ownership of the printing company, it was recognized as as ""one of the best-equipped lithographing and printing departments in the Pacific Northwest."" iii As one of the longest-running printers in Spokane, the C. W . Hill Company was also praised as a -leader in use of modern equipment-. The Hiii-Hilscher House is also significant under Criteria -C - as a property that embodies the distinctive characteristics of its period of construction as an example of the American Foursquare type with Colonial Revival-style embellishment. Built in 1909, the Hiii-Hilscher House was one of the first and finest homes built in the Cannon Hill Addition in the southwest section of Spokane 's residential South Hill area. The period of significance begins in 1909, the date the home was built, and ends in 1948 the year the Hilschers sold the property."

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