Point Breeze

219 Riverview Street, Frankfort, Kentucky


Point Breeze


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"Point Breeze meets National Register Criterion B for its association with life of a person significant in local history. The significance of this house is evaluated within the context, ""Private Education in Franklin County, Kentucky, 1870-1879"" and focuses on B.B. Sayre and his operation of the Sayre Institute at his home, Point Breeze, located today in Frankfort's Tanglewood neighborhood . Sayre began teaching in Frankfort around 1840 and was valued as one of the most prominent educators of his day. The nomination will focus on B. B. Sayre's tenure of the house. After his death, the house remained in the family but ceased functioning as an educational institution. "

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19th Century (38,084)
Brick (42,466)
Built 1871 (413)
Built during 1870s (5,063)
Frankfort, Kentucky (43)
Franklin County, Kentucky (68)
Have Street View (50,013)
House (27,875)
Italianate (5,120)
Kentucky (4,445)
School (5,261)
Victorian (19,703)

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