Brown-Henry House

818 Fields Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky


Brown-Henry House

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"The Brown-Henry House meets National Register Criteria A and is locally significant in the Area of Community Planning and Development. The house illustrates patterns of residential development on the fringes of Frankfort's city limits. The house is important for its association with two significant trends in Frankfort's development. First, it follows the pattern where people of means would acquire a property on the fringe of town as a summer home, using it as a farm and a source of income. Second, and later in time, the propety became associated with the town's first suburb, which developed in the late-nineteenth century . The house's two-phases of development are related, and revealed within the context ""Residential Development within Frankfort and Franklin County, Kentucky, 1870-1936."" "

Posted to the NRHP 1-8-2014


19th Century (38,126)
Brick (42,466)
Built 1872 (435)
Built during 1870s (5,068)
Frankfort, Kentucky (43)
Franklin County, Kentucky (68)
Gothic (1,441)
Have Street View (50,476)
House (27,905)
In operation (2,698)
Kentucky (4,460)

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