Bridgeport School

555 Bridgeport Road, Bridgeport, Kentucky


Bridgeport School

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"The historic Bridgeport School (FR-404) meets National Register Criterion A for its significant role in local education within west Franklin County and the Bridgeport community. The building's historic significance is being evaluated within the context of ""Education in Bridgeport, West Franklin County, Kentucky, 1937-1965."" Bridgeport has long been a community in Franklin County associated with both public and private schools dating to the early nineteenth century. Over time, the Franklin County School Board met the challenges of changing needs in education through the erection and maintenance of its public school facilities in the community. Specifically, the Bridgeport School remains as a physical reminder that shows us how the overall efforts made to improve Kentucky's schools and its education system materialized at the local level in Bridgeport. Those in Franklin County, and the community of Bridgeport celebrated the school as a beacon of hope for the future of their children, and for the advancement of Kentucky's citizens in the modern age. Additionally, the Bridgeport School exhibits a high degree of integrity, sufficient to convey its original design, materials, and workmanship, as well as its historic association, setting, and feeling. "

Posted to the NRHP 1-8-2014

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