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University Art Museum

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The University Art Museum i s significant at the local level in the areas of art and entertainment/recreation under Criterion A. The museum ha s aesthetically enriched the campus community and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. lts art and film collecti ons are large and diverse, and its exhibition program s have been vigorous and influential. lt has long had a strong commitment to presenting new and experimental work. Its Pacific Film Archive with a Library and Film Study Center has been a major resource. Though the museum is less than 50 years old, its exceptional importance qualifies it under Criteria Consideration G. lt has long been the principal visual arts center for the flagship campus of th e University of Califomia. lt h as exceptionally well served and artistically stimulated the Bay Area. Its MATRIX/ Berkeley exhibition program utilized a new model for the field. The museum has th e world's largest collection of paintings by renowned artist and educator Hans Hofmann. lts Pacific Film Archive has been outstanding in scope and impact. The University Art Museum is al so significant at th e local level in the area of architecture, und e r Criterion C. With its sculptural massing, its exterior 's repeating forms , its interior 's repeating switchback ramps and upper galleries , its board-fonned concrete surfaces, and its deeply recessed window walls , the building embodies Brutalism. The building also possesse s high artistic va lues. Though constructed less than 50 ye ars ago, it qua lifies under Criteri a Consideration G due to its ex ceptional impmtance. lt outst andingly well expresses the Brutalist style , and it has been rec ognized as an architectural masterwork.

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