Pereira Octagon Barn

4400 Octagon Way, San Luis Obispo, California


Pereira Octagon Barn

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The Pereira Octagon Bam is significant at the local level under Criteria A for its role in San Luis Obispo County's dairy industry and Criterion C as a rare example of Octagon architecture. The period of significance is 1906 until approximately 1950, when the property was no longer used as a dairy bam and became a beef cattle barn. Criterion C, Architecture: The Pereira Octagon Bam is one ofthe few West Coast examples of the eight-sided barn architecture, which was intended to be more efficient for the farmer in the days before mechanization made farm labor less arduous. Criterion A, Agriculture: The Pereira Octagon Barn served as a dairy bam for approximately 50 years, in a county known from the 1860s to the 1950s for its production of milk, butter, and cheese. Constructed in 1906 at a time when local dairy people were realizing the importance of adapting modem methods of farming, the barn was part of a Grade A dairy operation until the mid-1950s, at which time the property was converted to a beef cattle operation.

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