Lincoln High School

2111 Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri


Lincoln High School

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Lincoln High School (Lincoln) is locally significant under Criterion C for the area of ARCHITECTURE and under Criterion A for the areas of EDUCATION and ETHNIC HERITAGE/Black as the only high school for African American students in Kansas City during the era of segregation. The 1935 and 1966 construction episodes illustrate two different property types identified in the Multiple Property Documentation Form -Historic Resources of the Kansas City Missouri School District Pre-1970- (MPDF). The earliest section of the school, built in 1935, is an excellent example of an Early Twentieth Century/Progressive Era School, specifically the High School sub-type. The 1966 addition at the south end of the building illustrates the Modern Movement design aesthetic and plan of the Experimental School sub-type of the Modern Era School property type , and is eligible under Criterion C for ARCHITECTURE. The building retains excellent integrity of the features and finishes that characterize both property types. Lincoln incorporates many of the educational philosophies promoted by the Kansas City School District (District). Notable Progressive Era design elements emphasize safety and curriculum diversity through fireproof construction, wide corridors and stairwells, and the designation of rooms for specific courses of study; Modern Era design elements emphasize a freer approach to classroom instruction by incorporating non-traditional room shapes and minimizing outside distraction by reducing the number and size of windows. The restrained interior and exterior ornament reflects the austerity inherent in the design aesthetic at the time of construction, both at the height of the Great Depression and during the Modern Movement era. The 1966 Lincoln High School addition is the only example of Modern Era Experimental School design applied to a secondary school building in the District. It meets the registration requirements for the Modern Era School, Experimental School sub-type defined in the MPDF, and is therefore eligible under Criterion C for the area of Architecture.

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