Searle, Gardner & Company Cuff and Collar Factory

701-715 River Street, Troy, New York


Searle, Gardner & Company Cuff and Collar Factory

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Preeminent among the City of Troy's nineteenth and early twentieth century manufacturing interests was the cuffand-collar industry, which the nominated building shares strong historic associations with. Troy's geographic position proved an ideal location for manufacturing, being disposed as it was along the northernmost navigable parts of the Hudson River and near both the Champlain and Erie canals, all affording it communication with distant markets for its products. The former Searle, Gardner & Company Cuff and Collar Factory is being nominated for National Register of Historic Places listing under Criterion A, in the area of industry, for its association with the detachable cuff and collar industry, and additionally under Criterion C, in the area of architecture, as an important example of mill construction. It is being nominated in association with the Multiple Property Documentation Form entitled Textile Factory Buildings in Troy, New York, 1880-1920. The significance of this building centers on its role as a collar and cuff manufacturing plant and its construction and occupation by some of Troy's most prominent manufacturing companies. The building was in use as a factory for clothing items from the time it was completed until the mid-1900s.

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