Troy Waste Manufacturing Company Building

444 River Street, Troy, New York


Troy Waste Manufacturing Company Building

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Established to take advantage of the booming cuff and collar industry in Troy, New York, the Troy Waste Manufacturing Company processed clippings and material waste from nearby textile mills in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The building at 444 River Street in Troy was constructed by the Troy Waste Manufacturing Company for warehouse and office space, functions it retained into the mid-20th century. It is locally significant in the areas of Industry and Architecture under National Register Criteria A and C. It is a good example of the property type, --Troy Textile Factories, 1880-1920,-- as discussed in the Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) --Textile Factory Buildings in Troy, New York, 1880-1920.-- It is significant in the area of Industry for its long association with the Troy Waste Company, which was one of the city's leading --shoddy-- companies. At the time the company was in operation, the term --shoddy-- referred to short loose fibers created by processing rags or scraps of existing fabric. In a city that led the nation in the production of cloth shirt collars and cuffs, fabric scraps were readily available, and the processing of textile factory waste proved to be a lucrative business. Architecturally, the building serves as a good example of --mill-construction,-- as discussed in the MPDF. It is also locally significant as one of the only buildings in the MPDF study group to feature Classical Revival styling. Designed by the well established Troy architectural firm of M. F. Cummings and Son, this building was probably designed by Frederick Cummings, who took over the firm after the death of his father in 1905.

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